Bobby Kennedy Jr. calls it “an elaborate hoax,” but scientists are on my side.

My film Pandora’s Promise has, not surprisingly, generated a heated debate among my fellow environmentalists. That’s a good thing. But the guardians of environmental orthodoxy are up in arms because my film questions their perceived wisdom about how to tackle the danger of climate change. They don’t want you to see this film.

Whatever your views are about nuclear energy, and mine were very negative for most of my life, we are in desperate need of powerful and scalable clean-energy technologies if we are avert a climate catastrophe. I made this film to spark a more robust public discourse about possible solutions for climate change, and I believe that critics who would shut down this discussion before it even starts are not serving the public interest.

I am not alone in thinking that next-generation nuclear energy is an essential part of the solution to protect future generations. The film has received vigorous support and factual verification from the scientific community. There are a growing-number of liberals and greenswho feel the same way. After seeing my film in the months since it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Virgin's Richard Branson and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, came on to the film as executive producers to aid in the film’s visibility and distribution. Jeffrey SachsBill Gates,James HansenJames Lovelock, and President Obama have all spoken out in support of nuclear energy. Hansen, a respected climate scientist and an advocate for next-generation nuclear power, recently published a scientific paper showing that nuclear energy has actually savedmore than 1.6 million lives, by displacing coal. By Robert Stone Read full article on Slate