Usually, when documentary directors make a film about the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, it becomes a call to end all forms of nuclear power in Japan and in the world. But for Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Robert Stone, his position about nuclear energy has not changed: he believes it can actually solve climate change.

Stone is one of the few vocal pro-nuclear advocates, and even before the nuclear meltdown, he was already making his film about Fukushima, entitled Pandora’s Promise. But visiting the plant a year after the world’s worst nuclear disaster in the last 26 years, he is all the more convinced that this is a chance for the Japanese government to reform and refine its technology, science and engineering to build better reactors. He doesn’t believe that doing away with nuclear power is the way to go, as some environmentalists claim that it is safer and more pro-environment than fossil fuels. His film has well-known environmental activists, authors and experts who back him up on this point of view, while showing that anti-nuclear activists are just alarmists and irrational.

By Ida Torres

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