It’s not every day that two of the richest men in the world decide to back a documentary film that takes on a topic that has long been an environmental taboo. But that’s exactly what happened with Pandora’s Promise, a new film directed by Robert Stone, opening in 30 cities across the U.S. on Friday June 14. Stone’s exploration of several environmentalists who have come to support the use of nuclear power won over both Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen and Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson.

“Even before Pandora’s Promise was made, I’d become convinced that nuclear energy should be part of the climate change solution. Once I saw Pandora’s Promise, I knew the film would get people thinking about nuclear in a whole new way,” Allen said via email. “I like that the film lays out the facts and then viewers can make up their own minds about nuclear power based on the facts and information presented. Documentaries like this open people’s minds and lead to informed decision-making, which is critical if we want to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.”

By Kerry A. Dolan

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